Object cache with Saetta Web Server and WordPress

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) written in the PHP programming language.

Saetta Web Server inherits from the core of Saetta TCP Server an embedded caching mechanism. WordPress supports objects caching and it’s possible to add to WordPress the support for the caching interface provided by Saetta Web Server by adding the object cache plugin we provided to your WordPress installation.

It’s recommended to read this article to understand the way Saetta’s cache works and how to enable the memory caching support in Saetta Web Server (it’s turned off by default).

To add to WordPress the support for Saetta’s memory caching system, download from this link the plugin.

Upload the file object-cache.php of this plugin into your `/wp-content/` directory. Note that this file needs to be stored directly into your content directory and not under the plugins directory.

This plugin should now work without any further configuration. Check if it is listed under `Plugins` -> `Installed Plugins` -> `Drop-ins`.

Done! WordPress will start to cache objects inside the web server.